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American statistics

This extract is from an American article which looks at a study of American television programs.

It comes from

Coverage of Women’s Sports at Standstill 2005

“The growth of girls and women’s sports … is really not reflected in the mainstream electronic media news coverage of sport,” he said. “It’s really an almost continuous cacophony of men’s voices telling us about men’s sports.”

The researchers analyzed six weeks of TV sports news on three Los Angeles network affiliates – KCBS, KNBC and KABC – from March 14-27, July 11-24 and Nov. 7-20. They examined 236 sports news broadcasts, totaling nearly 17 hours of airtime.

The duo also analyzed three weeks – 21 broadcasts – of ESPN’s “SportsCenter” programming that ran March 14-20, July 11-17 and Nov. 7-13, totaling nearly 16 hours. Three weeks – 21 broadcasts – of the Fox “Southern California Sports Report” were viewed on those same dates, totaling seven hours.

The researchers found that:

• on the three network affiliates, men’s sports received 91 percent of the airtime, women’s sports got 6 percent and gender neutral topics got 2 percent;

• on the ESPN and Fox shows, women’s sports received 2 percent and 3 percent of the airtime, respectively – an even lower representation than on the network affiliates;

• all of the ESPN and Fox programs and 96 percent of the network affiliate shows started with a men’s sports topic as the lead story;

• many of the broadcasts in the sample contained no women’s sports coverage;

• all of the broadcasts sampled contained men’s sports coverage;

• the proportion of “ticker time” – the scrolling text at the bottom of the screen that lists scores and other sports news – devoted to women’s sports was equivalent to the proportion of airtime devoted to women’s sports in the main broadcast on Fox, KNBC and KABC;

• there was less frequent trivialization and humorous sexualization of women than in past years; and

• 94 percent of the anchor people on the sports news and highlights shows were men, and no women anchors appeared on any of the three network-affiliated news shows.

Duncan said she “was surprised that there wasn’t less coverage of women’s sports and female athletes, given the conservative backlash in the culture.”

“But,” she added, “in terms of quantity and quality, what we found hasn’t changed greatly since our very first study. I think that forms of bias toward women’s sports are probably less overt – and more covert – now.”

Messner said that while reporting of women’s sports was more respectful than in past studies, the sexualization of female athletes was still an element of the coverage.

One example centered on coverage of tennis star Maria Sharapova, who “had largely replaced Anna Kournikova … as [sports commentators’] featured young sex symbol.”

Extensive coverage of Sharapova is legitimate, the researchers wrote, because she had won a Wimbledon tournament.

“But the fact that commentators rarely seemed to report on Sharapova without also commenting (often jokingly) on her appearance indicated a continuation of the sexualization themes from past studies,” they wrote, noting one July 12, 2004 broadcast in which Fox commentators peppered their reporting with “lusty howls” when referring to her.

That taps into a larger issue, Messner said.

“When sports media do focus on a female athlete who is a good athlete like Sharapova, they’re much more likely to focus on someone like that because she still fits that ideal model of heterosexual attractiveness,” he said.



  1. Yeah sadly not so much womens involving with sports..

  2. nice post. usefull info like always. Thanks.

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